St. Johns, Florida is an urban area in southwest St. Johns County, Florida. The most recent population count as of the last 2020 census was approximately 18,062, although considerable growth has occurred in recent years. As of the year 2020, the total population was estimated at roughly 86,100. There are two main neighborhoods that you can live in if you choose to relocate to St. Johns. Learn more here.


The Westside Neighborhood is located on University Avenue and is considering the residential and business center of the city. Many people commute to work everyday from the downtown area. In addition, many families also live here. This is one of the top suburbs in St. Johns County for home values and offers many amenities including parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and public transportation. The Westside has a large number of students that live there as well. If you choose to live in this area, you will not have to worry about traffic congestion or the noise level. Learn more about Enjoying the Best Vacation Ever in Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL.


South of downtown, you will find the Brickell district of St. Johns County. This district consists mainly of condominiums and townhouses that are often located in close proximity to each other. Brickell is known for being one of the more affluent areas of the city of St. Johns. It is also known for being a major tourist destination and it is one of the few parts of town that has been designated a National Historic Landmark. St. Johns offers a vibrant nightlife, with a variety of restaurants and bars. There are also multiple shopping malls and large parks for residents to use to get some much needed exercise and enjoy the fresh air in the area. With the abundance of activities and entertainment available, St. Johns offers residents a vibrant area to live in. The location makes it easy to find work and to travel to other areas of Jacksonville, as well as to areas of the country or the world. The area is considered a hub of activity in Jacksonville, and its close proximity to other cities makes it easier to find a job in a variety of industries. This makes St. Johns, Florida a desirable place to live.

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