St. Johns is the second largest of the three counties that comprise the town of St. Johns. The first county is Palm Beach, the largest in the state and home to one of the most famous beaches on the planet, the infamous, beautiful, world-famous “beach city”. St. Johns is one of the most important cities in Palm Beach County, and is the seat of government for Palm Beach County. St. Johns has been named one of America’s Top 50 Best Places to Live by Condo Magazine several times since the publication began in 1972. St. Johns is also a major destination for tourists who fly into the area, landing in St. Johns, Florida on their way to Palm Beach County. In fact, St. Johns is the third busiest airport in Palm Beach County after Palm Beach and West Palm Beach airports, and the fourth-busiest airport in the entire state. Learn information about Jacksonville, FL here.

Palm Beach County itself is among the most densely populated counties in the entire state. Palm Beach County is also one of the wealthiest and most densely populated areas in Florida. Because of this wealth and population density, St. Johns is the center for the wealthy and famous of Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County is also home to the United States Congress, the US Senate, as well as other key elected government officials. With the high number of residents, and the number of elected officials, it is no wonder why there are so many businesses operating in and around St. Johns. Discover facts about What You Need to Know About Living in St. Johns, Florida.


The second-largest town in Palm Beach County is West Palm Beach. West Palm Beach is considering the “Beach Capital of the US” because it is home to both the West Palm Beach Memorial Park and the West Palm Beach Community Center. The center is an open-air recreation area and park located near West Palm Beach’s downtown area. It was designed to act as a central gathering point for the entire community. The community center is also home to a number of different activities and events held on a regular basis. One such event that takes place on a regular basis is the annual Taste of Palm Beach Festival. There are also festivals held every year at the St. Augustine Beach Resort and Conference Center, a popular tourist attraction located in the same area.

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