Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition in children that causes lack of control, lack of attention and hyperactivity. Children with this condition can have problems doing well in a traditional educational environment.

Since ADHD causes a child to lose confidence and get unnecessarily impulsive, these children can be very frustrated at school. This is because the high-stimulus environment can make it worse for them than being at home. Children with this condition are usually less than seven years of age before being diagnosed with the symptoms.

As parents, you can look for ways to help manage ADHD problems in your child. There is no known cure for this condition, but with chiropractic therapy, the problem can be managed, reducing symptoms of ADHD.

Chiropractic Adjustment On Spines And Bones For ADHD

Chiropractic massage for children on spine and bone

Over time, researchers have tried to find out if there are medications that can stop the condition of ADHD in children. Although medicine is popular, many families opt to keep their children medicine-free. With the increase in cases of this disorder, chiropractors have stepped into the picture, and the results have been positive.

Chiropractic care is an alternative way of reducing the symptoms of ADHD. It is more helpful than taking popular ADHD drugs that could have adverse effects on children. The condition of ADHD is steadily related to cardiac problems in kids– taking in strong substances can cause more problems.

Undergoing chiropractic therapy will not only help in improving your child’s behavior but may also help treat the problem to a large extent. You should opt for chiropractic care because the spine and bones of your child can be readjusted through this therapy and this can help the child by rendering positive improvements.

Chiropractic therapy is natural and very safe, and it does a lot more than treat neck and back pain. During sessions, a chiropractor maneuvers the subluxation, addressing the bones and spine. This causes internal relief and a realignment of the bone structure.

For a good result, your child must be given this treatment regularly, since the adjustment can only be made effective and efficient due to consistency. The behavior will begin to readjust as the chiropractor works on the spinal misalignment, and this will produce a better nerve flow of the spine.

According to a popular theory, an unbalanced muscle tone can cause a child to behave or act in a particular way since the unbalanced problem can cause a lack of proportion in brain activity. With chiropractic therapy, balance can be restored to the brain, and the child’s character will likely improve.

Chiropractic Care Provides An Approach To Wellness And Wholeness Of The Body

Chiropractic massage

When managing ADHD symptoms in children, a chiropractor can introduce various devices to help the situation. Frequencies of sound and light can boost the therapy. Also, parents can get recommendations from the child’s doctor on dietary adjustments and exercises to do.

In several cases, eliminating certain foods from the regular diet of a child can lead to a reduction in the symptoms of ADHD, and some may even disappear totally.

Chiropractic measures can include giving recommendations and advice to new mothers or pregnant mothers to change their lifestyle in order not to give birth to children with ADHD conditions.

FYI– a chiropractor can recommend the following lifestyle changes in mothers:

  • Look out for allergies in your little one and deal with them completely before it gets out of hand.
  •  Stop giving your child food with additives, sugary food substances, and food colors as they may cause hyperactivity in kids.
  • If you are pregnant, eliminate the use of stimulants like alcohol, some toxic medications and nicotine.
  • Opt for food that is more natural than processed. Also, make sure you and your child are not exposed to pesticides and herbicides.
  • Stress can also be a problem. Therefore, you should have enough rest during pregnancy.

Practicing the above lifestyle patterns can improve your child’s behavior, and your unborn child can come into the world with no significant ADHD behaviors.

Chiropractors can achieve wholeness of the body and mind by using some advanced techniques to improve the upper cervicals and realign the skull and spinal bones. Bones that are not properly aligned can leave the brain handling so much pressure that it can lead to behavioral conditions.

Using chiropractic treatment on kids diagnosed with ADHD can actualize a quick change in actions and behavior and improve the entire health of a child.

Chiropractors provide the best care by alternating treatments without any use of medications. Your child will not only get a better behavioral pattern at home but also improve in the school environment with a lot more confidence.

After your child has gone for regular chiropractic sessions, you will begin to see the following signs of wellness:

  • Reduced hyper actions that lead to falls and an increase in language and functional communication skills
  • Behaviors related to self-harm will be reduced and eliminated, over time
  • Reduced hospitalizations due to unbalanced behavior
  • Reduced anxiety and negativity in parents with ADHD children
  • Behavioral improvement in school
  • Improved communication between adults and the child, which can also boost daily activities
  • Improved parental care involvement


Parents should know that the complete wellness of their child with ADHD may not be 100% solved after just one or two chiropractic sessions. However, they are sure to see some improvements that can be maintained for a long time with regular visits. While there may be medication available for the treatment of ADHD, chiropractic therapy has been a proven approach to overall wellness, and your child can benefit greatly from it.