As people age, the body starts to break down. You can truly experience changes, including pains in different parts of the body. It is common that senior citizens over the age of 65 experience loss of balance, body weakening and loss in mobility, as well as limited range of motion, joint degeneration, and a decline in the overall health of the body.

Chiropractic care provides a safe and quite effective treatment without including any sort of surgery or medication. Therefore it is a smart choice for senior citizens. Because of this, there has been a growing need for cost-effective chiropractic treatment. Almost 14 to 15% of U.S. senior citizens choose chiropractic treatment over surgical treatment.

Some signs that every senior citizen should look for:

Increase In Falling Frequency:

With age, seniors may experience loss of balance and fall more frequently. This can happen due to unbearable pain, immobility in certain parts of the body, or reflex loss. These frequent falls must not be ignored. They can result in bruising or major head and limb injuries.

With efficient chiropractic care, you can address the underlying problems that are causing unexplained falls. Expert chiropractors can help you improve your posture, muscular strength, and movement, imparting confidence within a small span of time.

Severe Pain In Certain Parts Of Body:

With age, seniors generally experience severe pain or aches in the limbs, back, neck, and spine. These are musculoskeletal problems that can be resolved with the help of the best chiropractic care. Chiropractors can alleviate pain and suffering. Spinal manipulation can be very effective in relieving the tension in the spine and the ligaments surrounding it. For senior patients, chiropractors are very careful in applying gentle pressure so as not to be rough while treating them. In certain cases, manipulation of the joints can also help to reduce the pain.

Extreme Loss Of Mobility:

Yet another symptom that is commonly observed in senior citizens is the loss of mobility in certain parts of the body.  They find it difficult to sit, stand, and even walk. Providing chiropractic care in such cases is quite beneficial for seniors because they can perhaps avoid risky medical surgeries. Chiropractors will easily resolve the issues targeting the muscle groups and the area(s) surrounding them. Chiropractic treatment will help aging individuals to get back their previous level of mobility. Treatment will include adjustments to improve their posture.


Chiropractic care is best for senior citizens because the treatment does not involve any surgery or medication. It works by understanding the relationship between the body’s structure and its proper functioning. Experts recommend that senior citizens or aging individuals regularly visit chiropractors to ensure the continued health of their body’s musculoskeletal system. Regular visits will help in preventing future aches and pains.