Helping Others Across the World

While it may seem different to have a page about Missions on your chiropractor’s website we feel it is important for all of our patients and the community to understand our heart.

Since 2010 Dr.Tiffany has been doing mission work abroad and in 2013 Dr.Matthew began these same mission trips. The mission trips are abroad to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Serving those who the world tends to overlook or forget is important to us because we believe health is for all people at all ages in all places. The doctors continue to go on mission trips once or twice a year ( sometimes more when needed) to keep their hearts centered on that purpose. On these trips the doctors provide free chiropractic care as well and bring donations of clothes, shoes, hygiene products, sports equipment and school supplies. They also bring monetary donations to help build schools, orphanages, houses, and send children to school.

This mission based lifestyle follows them home as they are active in the community making sure to give locally of their time and skills. Seeing a change in Jacksonville’s health. By aligning ourselves with existing local mission teams we are able to get involved with programs to feed the hungry, and serve the underserved.

Service and love are free and everyone is able to give. If you ever have interest in joining us locally or abroad in any capacity please feel free to call or ask the doctors or any team member.

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