Symptoms: Feminine Issues

Post Partum: 
Very rarely does society concentrate on post partum care for mothers.  The hormonal and physical changes after birth are another curve ball women face in this journey.  Whether nursing or bottle feeding the new continual stress of sustained neck flexion due to looking at the baby, is a habit that is formed by mothers that damages the structure of the spine, the tension of the muscles, and stability of the ligaments which all cause irritation on the nerves.  Not to mention new sleep cycles and stress levels- these changes contribute to further symptoms and delayed recovery for the mother.  Chiropractic can help with structural stability of the spine, as well as helping mothers understand and utilize proper ergonomics as the baby grows and has different physical demands.

Infertility & Menstruation:
Physiology clearly describes the law that nerve flow will dictate blood flow.  As many families may go through testing to find deficiencies in either partner, many neglect to look at how their structure dictates function.  With the stresses that life puts on the body, the spine- particularly the lower portion with nerves going to reproductive organs- is put in very compromising positions with degenerative consequences. When the pressure is taken off the nerves it allows the organs to function properly and increase the chances of natural conception.  Many testimonies of conception from families who previously struggled with infertility include chiropractic care as being the final method of facilitation.  This physiologic stress is what can cause women to have menstrual dysfunctions from irregular menses to increased flow.  Women find relief and improvement in these issues when we include specific corrective chiropractic care to their wellness regimen.