Symptoms: Arm and Leg Pain

Because we use our arms and legs so much it can often be difficult to figure out why we may be having pain in these areas and what is causing it. Sure, if you have an injury due to a trauma, dislocated shoulder due to a fall, or a repetitive motion injury those may have an obvious cause. But what about when you didn’t have any immediate trauma or never remember hurting your arms or legs? What if the pain comes on over time and seemingly has no cause?

There are many different causes for pain in the extremities however one of the most overlooked causes of chronic leg and arm pain are misalignments, or subluxations in the neck and low back. When your spine shifts out of alignment it creates inflammation and puts pressure on the nerves that exit the spine. The nerves in the lower neck travel down your arms, all the way to your hands and into your fingertips. The nerves in your back travel down the legs and all the way into your toes. If these nerves are irritated due to a misalignment that has not been corrected the result will be chronic pain.

How we can help

Because there are so many different causes of arm and leg pain it is critical to have a health care professional evaluate you to determine what is specifically causing your pain. Using a comprehensive history, consolation and examination at Thrive Health Center we can help detect the root cause of your arm or leg pain.


Once we determine where the cause is coming from we can begin administering non-invasive adjustments of the spine or extremities depending on where the problem is stemming from. Adjustments can help provide the relief you are looking for. If you are suffering with leg or arm pain call our team at Thrive Health Center today.

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