Symptoms: Carpal Tunnel

Are you suffering from carpal tunnel?

Did you know that a similar misalignment that occurs in your neck can happen in your hand as well? Similar to what can happen in the neck, when the bones in your hand misalign they can cause swelling and irritate the nerve or put direct pressure on it causing carpal tunnel and other similar syndromes. In the past, the only real option to correct carpal tunnel was to have and expensive surgery. The problem was only about 50-60% of those surgeries were successful in alleviating the patients symptoms and many only offered temporary results, on top of that they range from $6,000-$11,000. If you are one of the many in Jacksonville seeking an alternative option the good news is that there is another answer. This article will help shed some light on how chiropractic care at Thrive Health Center may be able to help you manage your carpal tunnel.

More on Carpal Tunnel

Often when patients complain of wrist pain they visit our clinic wondering exactly what carpal tunnel syndrome is and what it feels like. Carpal tunnel is when the medial nerve has excessive swelling around it to the point where your thumb, index and middle finger develop sensations of numbness, pain, burning, tingling or swelling. Often this is caused by a misalignment in the hand and many say they even have noticed weakness of their hand along with issues holding objects in the affected hand.

Many times, carpal tunnel seems to have no obvious cause and many patients often want to know how they developed carpal tunnel in the first place. The answer is not always straight foreword; some patients develop carpal tunnel after a slip or a fall injury on an outstretched hand, others are more prone to carpal tunnel due to the job they go to day in and day out such as a mechanic, construction worker or any job when tools that vibrate are used for an extended period. Separate issues with the thyroid have also been shown to cause an increase in the likely hood of an individual developing carpal tunnel. However, it is also important to understand that the medial nerve starts in neck and travels all the way down to your fingertips, so if you have carpal tunnel, or if you’ve had the surgery and did not get better your issue may be stemming from your neck.

Treatment Options

Like with any condition, it is important to find out what is causing the symptoms to determine the proper treatment. Many experts advise that patients seek out help that is non-surgical in nature before going under the knife. If these noninvasive treatments are performed correctly and they target the cause they are highly likely to offer much relief. Since many carpal tunnel-like issues stem from the neck, a chiropractor in Jacksonville is great place to get started on your road to recovery. At Thrive Health Center we offer you an individualized treatment plan that will best fit the specific cause of your condition, this helps avoid any unnecessary treatment and allows us to find what will work best for you. Whether the issue is in the hand itself or stemming from the neck, our expert chiropractors can provide specific adjustments and treatments to help get the irritation off the nerves and get you functioning properly again. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel call our team at Thrive Health Center today.

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