St. Johns, Florida is a beautiful place to vacation. St. Augustine and Jacksonville are both only about an hour away from St. Johns, making it easy to enjoy all that St. Johns has to offer when you need a break from work or just want some time with your family for the day! Whether you’re looking for serene beaches or historic attractions, St. Johns is full of hidden gems. Information can be found here.

Many St. Johns locals are proud of the city’s history, and there are many points in St. Johns where you can explore the past! One historic point is Fort Matanzas National Monument on Anastasia Island – about a 45-minute drive from St. Augustine Beach, it’s worth taking some time to visit this fort that was built by Spain in 1740! There are also several plaques around St James Square (located downtown) that detail major moments throughout St. John’s rich history such as when Francis D’Iberville sailed into town with his fleet in 1697 after capturing Pensacola Bay from Spanish troops; or when General Lanusse took command over Florida in 1868 after fleeing before Federal forces, and St. Johns County became the first Confederate county in Florida to fly a Rebel flag. See here for information about The Official Guide to Orange Park, Florida.

The St. John’s River is also an important historic landmark worth visiting for some beautiful views of natural wildlife and historical scenery that dates back as far as 16th century Spanish explorers! It was once used to transport goods throughout St Johns but has now been designated a Wild & Scenic River where you can enjoy kayaking on this pristine waterway without much interference from man-made structures or pollution!