Walter Jones Historic Park is an idyllic oasis in the heart of the Florida Everglades. Spanning nearly 4 acres and surrounded by a variety of wetlands and native vegetation, the park is a haven of tranquility and beauty. Visitors to the park can enjoy a wide variety of experiences, from hiking trails and ponds to bird watching and nature photography. Learn more here.

Named after a well-known early Florida pioneer, Walter Jones, the area was once called “Goodwill” and was home to the Jones family’s thriving business and personal ventures. Today it is part of the Florida Park system and is a great resource for those seeking to explore its many natural wonders. In honor of the life and legacy of Walter Jones, the park hosts several events throughout the year, from bird walks and wildlife festivals to special holiday events. One of the most popular attractions at Walter Jones Historic Park is its vast array of historic structures and artifacts. The area features many historic sites and structures, from the two-story Jones family home to a general store, an old schoolhouse, and an early 20th-century post office. Many structures have been renovated, allowing visitors to experience the atmosphere of a bygone era. In addition, visitors can explore the cemeteries on the grounds, which contain the graves of many of the area’s earliest settlers. Learn more about Chuck Rogers Park in Florida: A Wonderful Place.