Pregnant women have to face a lot of challenges and experiences during the entire nine months of pregnancy. There is a tremendous change in the hormonal level in the body. Due to these drastic changes, pregnant mothers typically suffer from back pain, pelvic pain, hip pain, and headaches. About 80 to 90 percent of pregnant women wrestle through back pain and physical discomfort. Can professional chiropractors help pregnant women get relief from the pain?

With the help of highly experienced chiropractors, pregnant mothers can easily manage their pain. Chiropractic care is considered safe for pregnant mothers as it does not involve any medication or surgery. During chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor makes sure that both the mother and baby are safe. After receiving the treatment, mothers can feel an improvement in their comfort level and that the pregnancy is progressing smoothly. Chiropractic treatments are quite beneficial during pregnancy and even after a woman has their child.

Chiropractic Care Focuses On Relieving Body Pain:

During the pregnancy, as the baby grows gradually, the center of gravity of mothers shifts, which leads to joint pain, back pain, and neck pain. Chiropractors examine the entire body to find the trigger points of the pain– the main source of the pain– before performing chiropractic adjustments. During chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors focus their efforts to re-establish the balance of the body by correcting pelvic misalignment. Professionally experienced chiropractors have the skills to get your spine and pelvic area back into the right alignment. Chiropractic therapy is quite effective in alleviating back pain, neck pain, or pelvic pain caused during the pregnancy.

Chiropractic Adjustments Are Beneficial To Reduce Hip Pain And Discomfort:

During the pregnancy, the unbearable pain in the hip area makes it very difficult to carry on with the small daily tasks and remain active throughout the day. As the baby gradually grows, the muscles around the hip tighten up and mothers experience pain while walking.

With regular chiropractic therapy, pregnant mothers can experience the smooth movement of the hip muscles, enabling them to walk around comfortably without pain.

Chiropractic Therapy Shortens The Duration Of Labor Pain:

Generally, every pregnant mother has to go through labor pain for 18 to 20 hours. Moms always hope of having short labor and smooth delivery. This can be achieved through regular chiro therapy. Chiropractors make efforts to maintain the mother’s body in proper alignment and keep the baby in appropriate alignment. This care can eliminate the need for medical intervention and cesarean delivery of the baby.


Chiropractic treatment avoids the use of unnecessary pain medicines which can pose harmful side effects for both a mother and her baby. Chiro therapy helps mothers restore proper nerve functioning and corrects subluxations (nerve interference). It is also advisable for mothers to continue chiropractic treatment even after childbirth in order to benefit from the faster physical recovery.