Spinal manipulation, which causes the classic popping sound that is the sound of a gas bubble bursting between joints, is a chiropractor’s go-to method for treating low back discomfort.

You might not be aware that there are several kinds of spinal manipulation. Some are done by hand, while others require the use of a tiny, specifically made tool.

In addition to traditional adjustment techniques, chiropractors often employ various specialized therapies intended to ease pain and enhance the well-being of the spine and related tissues.

The precise technique a chiropractor will employ with you will depend on your physical state and the underlying cause of your back discomfort.

Spinal manipulation is a crucial tool for ensuring the musculoskeletal system is in the best possible alignment. Meanwhile, chiropractors also tackle low back pain holistically by addressing issues like diet, stress and exercise.

Some popular spinal manipulation and adjustment techniques are listed below…

#1 Toggle Drop

#1 Toggle Drop

To relieve back discomfort, this method uses a swift, accurate push to a particular region of the spine. The chiropractor intersects his or her hands and administers a toggling drop, pushing down firmly, to enhance fluidity in the spinal joints.

#2 Motion Palpitation

#2 Motion Palpitation

Motion palpation is a diagnostic tool, not an adjustment. It’s a technique for looking at the spine to spot any parts of the spinal column that are misaligned or unable to move freely.

The chiropractor guides the patient through a series of motions after positioning his or her hands at precise points along the spine as part of the procedure.

To find any locations that are out of alignment, the chiropractor will feel the whole spinal column from the lumbar to the thoracic regions.

#3 Lumbar Roll

The lumbar roll is one of the most used chiropractic techniques, especially for people with low back pain. The troublesome region is shoved quickly and precisely by the chiropractor, realigning the vertebrae.

#4 Pain Release Work

Chiropractic release work consists of applying light pressure throughout the spine to gradually separate the vertebrae, promote the free movement of the spinal column and lessen discomfort.

#5 Table Technique

For this kind of spinal manipulation, a table with a drop component is used– a section of the table sinks below the rest. The patient is examined by the chiropractor before this adjustment to make sure their body is in the right position. The drop component of the table descends at the same time as the chiropractor provides a quick push to the misaligned spot.

#6 Instrument Adjustments

While the patient is face down on the table, the chiropractor adjusts the spine using a spring-loaded activator device.

The device offers a delicate way to release the vertebrae, and it may also be applied to the extremities to promote ideal alignment.


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