We perform several activities in a day, and some of these activities may be the reason for our internal injuries. These internal injuries are commonly known as soft tissue injuries. If you are ignoring the injuries of your soft tissues, then you may have to suffer from chronic pain and discomfort. Moreover, injuries will increase the stiffness in your muscles and decrease their range of mobility. You might find it extremely difficult to perform your day-to-day activities due to pain and discomfort. So how do you get the right treatment for getting rid of soft tissue injuries? Is it good to take medicines?

Medicines might provide you with instant relief because they will treat the symptoms and not the actual cause behind the symptoms. Besides, the relief from pain will only be temporary. Once the effect of the medicinal dose decreases, the pain will resurface. Is there a way to permanently treat soft tissue injuries? Yes, there is. Utilize chiropractic care.

Chiropractors are highly qualified and well-trained healthcare professionals who help in curing injuries to the soft tissues, while also providing relief and reducing stiffness in muscles.

What Are Some Causes Of Soft Tissue Injuries?

What Are Some Causes Of Soft Tissue Injuries_

A major reason for soft tissue injuries can be sudden jerks or movements of smaller optimizing muscles. In simple words, when the smaller muscles are trying to compensate for the under-performing muscles, they get injured or strained. The chiropractor would carry out a physical evaluation and get to know your routine activities and also your medical history. All these things will help them in identifying the actual root cause of the problem and define the right treatment for it. Moreover, with a proper physical evaluation, the chiropractor would be able to identify the target muscles that are causing musculoskeletal imbalances.

If the damage caused to the soft tissue is severe, then the chiropractor would undergo postural analysis. This examination process will help the chiropractor to determine the underlying causes of distortions that are leading to a wide range of muscular problems such as soft tissue integrity, skeletal structure issues, and neurological control issues.

What Are Soft Tissue Injury Types?

Soft tissue injuries can take a different form for different people. Some of the most common injuries that are labeled as soft tissue injuries are:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions (bruises)
  • Muscle tears

How Do You Know That You Are Suffering From Soft Tissue Problems?

Look for the symptoms:

  • Stiffness in the neck, shoulder, back or joints of the body
  • Pain and discomfort while moving body parts
  • Headaches
  • Loss of memory or concentration

What Are The Different Chiropractic Techniques Employed For Treating Soft Tissue Injuries?

Chiropractors have different methods for providing treatment to soft tissue injuries. Treatment is decided based on the severity and type of soft tissue damage that the patient is suffering from.

Some of the most common techniques embraced by chiropractors for treating soft tissue injuries are:

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation:

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation

With this technique, the chiropractor focuses on re-aligning the spinal nerves that might get stressed, strained, or stiff due to the overuse of the small muscles of the body. By undergoing the spinal manipulation session, you would feel relief from the pain, improvement in the movement of the muscles, and the small or soft tissues, and you should be able to gain back lost strength.

Chiropractic Massage:

With the help of chiropractic body massage, the tensed up soft tissues get relaxed, and you feel instant relief from pain and discomfort. The chiropractor applies gentle pressure on the affected muscles to reduce stiffness in the muscles and to improve the range of motion of the muscles.

Chiropractic Ultrasound Therapy:

With this technique, electrically produced sound waves are allowed to penetrate the soft tissues. With the vibration from the sound waves, the soft tissues can heal their injuries gradually, thus alleviating pain and discomfort.

Cold/Hot Pack Chiropractic Therapy:

Heat imparted by a hot pack helps in healing the injuries of the soft tissues and reduces the swelling. The cold pack will help in getting relief from the pain, inflammation, and discomfort. The chiropractor would apply both the packs alternatively so that the tissues heal at a faster rate.


Soft tissue injuries can happen to anyone at any time. All you have to do is to make sure that you are not delaying treatment; Consult highly experienced and qualified chiropractors for getting the best treatment for your soft tissue injuries.