On the regular working days, people keep juggling between their job and their household responsibilities. But the weekend is the time when everyone needs time to just relax, slow down and take a break from the routine hectic lifestyle. Different people have different ways to enjoy the weekend. Some go out for dinners and some watch movies and some people binge-watch all the web series that they miss out on weekdays.

Binge-watch means that you are sitting in a place and watching all the episodes one after another. It also means that you would be spending the day in a bad position. Generally, when people are binge-watching, they are slouching on the couch or keep lying in such a position that gives strain to the back, shoulder as well as hips.

In the initial days, you won’t feel it, but after a few days, the binge-watching habit will start giving you backache and make you feel miserable. You won’t be able to perform your daily tasks with energy and enthusiasm because the back will give you a hard time.

So the thing is how to protect your body from the backache or pain? Well, sadly no one could be asked to leave binge-watching, it’s the new normal and favorite way to spend the weekends when no one is allowed to step out of the house.

So you need a solution that doesn’t let you get back pain and allow you to binge-watch.

Here are some ways you can protect your body from binge-watching back pain.

Improve your sitting posture:

Whenever you are sitting on the couch just keep a watch on the way you are sitting. Are you in a habit of slouching or lying on it? Then you need to make sure that you are sitting up straight on the couch and have proper support for your shoulder and back. Your sitting posture must not put pressure on the back, hip, and shoulder muscles. Well, it should not take a lot of effort. Even if you feel like lying down after certain hours, just ensure that you have proper pillows to support the neck. Your binge-watching sessions must not leave you in miserable conditions afterward. This will help you from preventing any sort of musculoskeletal pain.

Make Sure You Are Taking Breaks In Between:

While you are enjoying binge-watching, ensure that you take small breaks in between after every episode or during commercial breaks. While taking breaks, do some stretching or back exercise for 5 to 10 minutes. You can even just walk around to relax your body from sitting in one position.

Focus On Reducing Your Time While Sitting:

While watching any TV series of web series, you can take any sort of different work that helps in moving your body. In this way, you can do two tasks at one time. Any work that gives movement to your body or keeps you in motion will be a good idea.

Now let’s say that you are already having back pain due to the binge-watching you enjoyed during weekends. Now, what to do? Suppose you are already suffering from the problem of poor posture, is there a solution for it? Yes, certainly. Get help from experienced, well-trained, trusted, and reliable chiropractors. They will help you in getting rid of the back pain, reduce the inflammation by reducing the stiffness of the muscles.

Professional chiropractors would help you in improving your overall lifestyle, helping you in getting good posture.

Chiropractors will ask you to undergo physical tests, which will help them in understanding the trigger points of the pain. Based on the severity of the pain and body condition, they will advise on self-care and maybe ask to take up chiropractic treatment. Many researchers and health professionals claim that with chiropractic treatment and therapies you can get relief from musculoskeletal pain and prevent it from recurring.


Now, you must understand that there is no harm in binge-watching TV or web series and have gala time for yourself. But you must keep your body posture well aligned and take small breaks. It will prevent you from back pain. Moreover, taking a small break and keeping your body in motion will make you feel relaxed and at ease. While enjoying is good, being vigilant about your health is best!