Kelsey Mulder

CA and Head of Nutrition

Kelsey Mulder

Kelsey is a Texan native living the Florida life with her husband, one year old son, and three fur babies. You’ll typically find her geeking out over the latest nutrition and exercise science literature, and her passion is helping others reach their health goals and attain optimal wellness with the knowledge she’s gained.

In her free time you’ll find her connecting with God and her family near any body of water, finding new ways to stay active, or exploring her community. She also is on a never ending quest to find the world’s best plate of nachos and she will allow her competitive nature to out-eat you in said nachos any time, any place.

Meg Pugh

Center Director

Kelsey Mulder

Meg is our Center Director from Wetumpka, Alabama who loves all things Thrive. You can typically find her at the front desk with a big smile on her face and you can always count on her to crack a joke.

Meg is passionate about the physical and spiritual needs of her community and is dedicated to praying for and loving the patients who walk in our door. She will help you in any way she can and she loves welcoming each person into the Thrive family.

Vanessa Kelly

Massage Therapist

Kelsey Mulder

You might not see Vanessa every day at the office because Vanessa is our the Florida licensed massage therapist. She went to Cortiva Massage Therapy Institute in Watertown, MA in 2016. Then was licensed in Massachusetts. She moved to Florida December of 2017. Passed her MBLEX and is currently licensed in Florida. She has a passion for helping people. When she’s not here in the office she staying involved with our community and giving back as much as she can.

You will see her time to time helping out at the front desk or assisting patients with their warmups and exercises. Vanessa loves to stay active, she’s apart of Volleyball and Kickball coed leagues. She loves working out (especially pilates) just as much as her love for Mexican food.