Dr. Matthew Thornton

Dr. Matthew Thornton
Dr. Matthew Thornton grew up in Moline, Illinois, just a few miles from where chiropractic was founded. It is there that he developed a love for chiropractic and the incredible results that so many people achieve through specific chiropractic care. Immediately upon graduating high school in Moline Dr. Matthew began an accelerated tract that was offered at Palmer College of Chiropractic to get his doctorate quicker.

While at Palmer he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science and eventually transferred to Palmer Florida in Port Orange Florida to be with his wife, Dr. Tiffany Thornton. Throughout his career at Palmer, Dr. Matthew attended countless seminars, embarked on chiropractic mission trips, and was president of a Chiropractic coaching program for students that helped to develop competent and confident doctors upon graduation. Dr. Matthew finished his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer Florida which has equipped and empowered him to help patients get the best results with their health possible.

When taking care of his patients Dr. Matthew values individualized healthcare, rather than the traditional broad stroke approach. He and Dr. Tiffany build their practice on this premise: “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Because they are avid researchers Dr. Matthew and Dr. Tiffany are constantly providing the best care for their patients backed up by cutting edge research. This allows them to get to the root cause of your problem and get you results that previously wouldn’t have been possible.

Dr. Tiffany Thornton

Dr. Tiffany Thornton
Dr.Tiffany has had a heart for service ever since a young age. She’s traveled 7 different countries doing mission work, and she has actively been involved in local mission work here in Jacksonville ever since moving to the Duval area.

She majored in kinesiology with a concentration in neurology in her undergrad up in Boston at Gordon College. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with her doctorate in 2012 and was awarded the Clinical Excellence Award.  She has also since been awarded the Alumni of the Year award from he alma mater, the Medical Director of the Year award from the Naval Base in the Dominican Republic, and she was awarded Jacksonville’s top female doctor in 2018.

She has gone on to become certified in chiropractic biophysics.  She also takes a special interest in the holistic approach to the health of her patients and their families which is why she founded and developed NUTRITION ON PURPOSE, which is an additional way she gives back to missions locally and abroad.

“After graduating from Palmer, I felt called to continue serving the people of the Dominican Republic. I completed an 8 month mission trip through Chiromission and served on the board for several years. I strive to meet patients where they are in their journey to wellness. I consider it a true honor to work with people from all walks of life and encourage them along their road to healing.I have been a licensed chiropractor since 2012 caring for people from hours old to over 99 years old. I have a passion for people, mothers, children, and healing for all generations, and giving God the glory.” -Tiffany Thornton D.C.

Dr. Matthew Connor

Dr. Matthew Connor
Dr. Matthew Connor joins the Thrive team with a passion for helping people discover the true meaning of health in all areas of their lives. While he was a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Connor discovered the connection, lifestyle, self-discovery and purpose that chiropractic care offers. He actively participates in mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where he has been able to bring chiropractic health care and service to thousands of people of all ages. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College in Florida and became fully licensed in 2021. He fell in love with the sunshine state and relocated to Jacksonville from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Prior to his chiropractic education, he attended Roanoke College in Virginia where he majored in Health & Exercise Science with minors in Environmental Science and Health Care Delivery. As a lifelong athlete and a collegiate rugby player, he saw first hand the toll that intense activity can have on the body – physically, mentally and emotionally. He also experienced debilitating migraines multiple days per week for years and thought this was a normal part of life. His rugby coach was a chiropractor who showed him the power of using the hands to heal and help players to function at their best. It was around this time he began diving deeply into health, wellness, recovery, discovering the why, and learning the importance of making sure his body was functioning at its best. He immediately realized this path was what he had been searching for his whole life as he learned about the natural power the body has to heal from within when given the right tools. Chiropractic changed his outlook and shifted his paradigm of health from just being rid of a symptom, to being whole at all levels. He hopes to help others have the same realization.

In his free time Dr. Connor practices what he preaches in his own life. He loves staying active doing power yoga, breathwork, hiking, reading, playing basketball and learning fun new sports like disc golf and pickleball. He and his partner Emily also raise and train service animals with Southeastern Guide Dogs to help people with visual impairments, mobility restrictions and PTSD. He considers himself a lifelong student and constantly continues to advance his understanding of chiropractic, you can find him most weekends traveling to seminars to learn about brining the best possible care and connection to patients.

Dr. Conner Buckles

Dr. Conner Buckles Dr. Conner Buckles was born and raised in Oklahoma and has always had a passion for serving others. Once he received his Bachelor’s degree in Science, he and his family relocated to Kansas so that he could pursue his passion at Cleveland Chiropractic College. Shortly after he graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Buckles and his family moved to Jacksonville where he became fully licensed in 2021.

Dr. Buckles has assisted in numerous research efforts, both during his undergraduate and graduate studies. While at Cleveland, he was active in multiple clubs and outreach programs with a goal to educate as many people as possible on the health benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Buckles is extensively trained and nationally certified in Acupuncture, earning his DABCA in 2021. He strives to find the treatment that works best for each individual, and is committed to a holistic approach to healing.

Dr. Buckles recognizes the importance of movement and a healthy lifestyle in his time outside of the office as well. In his free time you may catch him on a long distance run, playing disc golf, biking, or rock climbing. He and his wife, Janessa, have a son and are working to instill these values in him as well by taking family hikes, playing outdoors at the park, and having family beach days. Dr. Buckles is an avid reader and uses his love of research and books to stay up to date on new developments in chiropractic so that he can best serve his patients.

Dr. Caleb Bunting

Dr. Caleb Bunting Dr. Caleb Bunting grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where he spent the majority of his adolescent years. Having moved to Florida for his undergraduate program, he completed his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Florida College. During that time in the Tampa area, he discovered his passion for people, health, and the profession of chiropractic medicine. Following that, Dr. Caleb attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida completing his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2021. While he was in school, he served in a number of leadership roles with clubs and organizations on and off campus. Dr. Caleb believes a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle promotes long-lasting health benefits.

Having met his partner Chris in St. Augustine during his graduate program, he moved north to where they now both reside with their beloved dog, Booker. Dr. Caleb eagerly sought to practice in the greater Jacksonville area seeing the potential for this community, and having a love for the northeast coast of Florida.

Among his passion for health, Dr. Caleb enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and among friends, along with traveling when he has opportunity. In addition, he spends some of his spare time volunteering as a member of the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus during the fall and spring season. Dr. Caleb strives to live his life to the fullest, promoting health and happiness wherever he is. Dr. Caleb hopes to give back to his patients and community every chance he can.