This past summer MOSH (Music, Arts, and Social Sciences) was hosting a concert in San Francisco’s Civic Center for Peace and Justice. I was the lead singer of a rock band, but I was there because I love what MOSH does and its mission. MOSH is a non-profit organization that works for social justice and causes. When we met MOSH and talked with them about their work, I realized how much they really cared about their community. See more here.


MOSH is always working on something new and I learned this from my tour with MOSH last summer in Warped Tour. As a singer, we were playing in front of our own fans. I was playing in front of thousands of people that had made the trek to see us play and I remember thinking how amazing it was to be in such a huge crowd and to have my songs are so big in such an intense atmosphere. The biggest problem was getting up on stage, being able to get my weight up, and just to make sure I was physically ready for all of it. After the tour, I decided that I needed to come home and start living my life. See here for information about Memorial Parks.



Now I am a social justice organizer and a social media manager. I also teach at a college as well as doing web design. I’m working hard on getting my life back to the way it used to be before my MOSH tour. In a few months, I plan on coming back to Warped Tour as a lead singer and I can’t wait!