The Southbank Riverwalk has become one of the most sought after areas of London City for tourists to visit. It is located on the banks of the river which forms part of the Thames. There are a lot of places that you can visit here and many of them are extremely popular. If you are visiting London for the first time then you will definitely want to make a stop at this place, so you can see all that it has to offer. Click here for facts about Jacksonville, FL.


There are a number of different things that you will be able to do in this part of London. One of the places that is really popular among visitors is the Southbank River Walk. This is where you are able to experience everything from walking on the river to enjoying some of the various other attractions that are located here. In fact, if you are someone who is looking for an area that is relatively safe then this is definitely the place for you to visit. There are plenty of shops that are located around here that are not only affordable but are also well-stocked with all sorts of different things that you can buy. In addition to this, there is also the opportunity to experience what it would like to be walking down the Thames when there are not any tourists around. Click here to read about MOSH.



When you visit this area of London you will be able to see a lot of famous people as well as some of the most famous buildings and landmarks that are located here. There are many different sights that you will be able to enjoy in this part of London. You will definitely want to make this a place that is definitely going to be something that you always remember to do again. You will be able to come back to this place again and it will become an area that you always want to visit. This is because of the variety of activities that you will be able to experience in this area makes it so special.