Are you feeling a sharp pain in your neck or surrounding muscles? Do you think it’s due to whiplash?

What Is Whiplash And How Is It Caused?

Whiplash can be described as a sharp pain experienced in the neck and surrounding upper shoulder and shoulder joints. Whiplash is caused when the head experiences a huge jerk or sudden forward and backward movement.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Whiplash?

Most often people suffering from whiplash experience strain in the neck or upper back. Some people experience the immediate effect of whiplash whereas others may take hours or even days for symptoms to show up.

How do you know if you have whiplash?

  • You might feel an extreme tightness in the neck muscles, shoulder muscles, or upper back ligaments.
  • You cannot move your neck properly and experience pain while doing so.
  • You feel a throbbing pain in your head which leads to dizziness throughout the day.
  • You feel some abnormal sensations in the neck, such as burning or tingling.

What else should you know about whiplash?

#1 Whiplash Is Not Always Caused By Car Accidents:

Whiplash typically happens due to major car accidents, but that is not the only reason… The sudden jerk caused to the neck can be due to other things. For instance, whiplash can be caused by playing some high-impact sports like football. A person performing gymnastics or downhill skiing could also experience whiplash.

#2 With Age The Risk Of Whiplash Injuries Increases:

You are familiar with the fact that with age the muscles and bones of the body start deteriorating. The body becomes weak and cannot endure pain or extreme force. This indicates that suffering from whiplash injuries can be more dangerous for an elderly person as compared to a young person. Old age takes a toll on the body by limiting the flexibility of body muscles, reducing muscle strength. If the spinal cord is unable to endure the sudden motion, then whiplash could be fatal.

#3 Chiropractor’s Advice To Whiplash Patients? Don’t Just Rest, Be Active:

It might be hard to believe that you are in pain and a chiropractor advises you to be active and not to rest… But it’s true! Staying active is actually beneficial for your health. If you just keep resting without giving any proper movement to your neck, it can lead to other complications. Your chiropractor would suggest a set of exercises that would aid in improving the flexibility of neck muscles and also strengthen them.

#4 Recovery From The Treatment Depends From Person To Person:

Some people have mild whiplash symptoms and some have extreme symptoms. These symptoms, once treated, can show recovery at different times. Moreover, every person responds to injuries differently. Some people have strong willpower and determination, therefore recovering quickly.

#5  Never Try To Shrug Off The Symptoms Of Whiplash:

One of the primary symptoms of whiplash is neck strain or pain in the upper back. If you have started experiencing pain, you must not try to ignore it. Instead, consult a chiropractor immediately and let them know about your issues. Ignoring the pain can lead to major neck or back issues.


Whiplash can happen to anyone regardless of age and/or circumstances. Chiropractic treatment is essential for maintaining your overall health and speedy recovery. The treatment for whiplash would generally include a set of exercises, a healthy diet, and a regular visit to your chiropractor.