Millions of people have “bad backs.” Could this be from slouching awkwardly to binge-watch TV series or movies? Perhaps. Some 75 to 80% of people across the world are suffering from back pain issues. Is poor posture to blame? Anytime a person sits, stands or sleeps in an unhealthy way, they risk their spine health. Back pain hinders daily activities.

What are 7 bad habits that harm your spine health? 

#1 Not Following An Exercise Routine:

If you don’t regularly exercise you could have a lot of problems. Poor posture certainly won’t help your back pain, and lack of exercise can lead to obesity which puts stress on your spine. Ideally, exercise in the morning or evening or both, and do active things like swimming, jogging, or cycling. You can also incorporate regular stretching into your exercise routine. Ask our doctors about their preferred way of working out. Dr.Tiffany prefers HIT work outs while Dr. Matthew has benefitted from REISTANCE band work outs for over a year. Each have different goals and have had to find the workout program that works best for them.

#2 Not Giving Yourself Enough Breaks While Working:

In today’s modern times, most people have a desk job where they sit for hours on end staring at screens, rarely taking breaks. Our bodies are designed for motion, and if you aren’t moving your body enough, your muscles will become stiff. So, if you keep sitting in one place for a long time, the muscles of the lower back become stiff and you’ll have back pain. Try getting up from your desk every 20 minutes or so and moving around to improve the health of your spine.

#3 Not Maintaining Good Posture:

Not Maintaining Good Posture

To keep your body in proper alignment, you need to ensure that you are maintaining the right posture while sitting, standing, or sleeping. In each and every position, you must ensure that your back is straight and properly aligned with the lower body. If you fail to do so, you’ll have severe spine misalignment issues.

#4 Not Taking Good Care Of Your Feet:

You might be wondering how your feet are related to your spinal health. Well, each and every body part is coordinated with the spine. For instance, if you are always wearing heels or wedges, this will build up pressure on your spine and lower back and you’ll be in pain. Ideally, people should wear flat-soled footwear so the pressure gets evenly distributed throughout the legs and doesn’t end up straining the spine.

#5 Not Eating Nutritious Food:

Not Eating Nutritious Food

What you eat is always going to have an impact on your body. To keep your bones and muscles in good shape, you should consume healthy food and try to avoid junk food. When you are religiously following a healthy diet routine, you are ensuring that your muscles, tendons, supporting muscles, and various other organs of the body are in good shape.

#6 Sleeping On A Sagging Mattress:

Generally, people love sleeping on sagging mattresses, but they are not aware that sagging mattresses are not at all healthy for the spine. While lying down, the middle portion of the body takes the curve shape. This is bad for the spinal cord, bones, and muscles. Focus, instead, on sleeping on a mattress that helps your neck and the rest of the body be perfectly aligned.

#7 Smoking:

When you smoke, the blood vessels of the body contract and stop the blood supply to various parts of the body, including the spine and/or the vertebrae. This reduction in blood supply can harm the body’s metabolism as well as cause severe back pain!


If you want to stay healthy and fit as long as you live, keep your muscles, bones, and spine healthy. Make an effort to avoid bad habits like slouching, smoking, or eating junk food.