Whenever you hear the word “whiplash,” you immediately associate it with severe car accidents where the person experiences extreme pain in the neck and shoulder muscles.

You shouldn’t ignore mild whiplash symptoms, which can grow into severe and sharp pain. This kind of pain will not let you lead a normal life, and you will find it difficult to perform day-to-day tasks. It’s no wonder that all healthcare professionals recommend getting immediate and effective treatment for whiplash.

Now the question is which sort of medical professional comes to your mind when it comes to treatment?  Is there a natural way to reduce the symptoms and cure the problem? Chiropractic treatment is the most effective therapy that you can undertake to cure whiplash issues naturally and eliminate your symptoms quickly.

Do You Have Whiplash?

  • Do you feel muscle stiffness and sharp pain in your neck?
  • Do you feel stinging pain around the shoulder region, or upper back, or arms?
  • You might sometimes feel that your vision is getting blurred.
  • You constantly feel a headache at the back of your head.
  • You are unable to focus on work or any other activity.
  • You always feel tired or exhausted (even when you are not doing any work or activity).

How Do Chiropractors Provide Treatment For Whiplash?

There are multiple chiropractic therapies and treatments that are applicable for providing treatment for whiplash. Here are some of them.

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation:

Spinal manipulations are also known as chiropractic adjustments or manual adjustments. In this treatment procedure, the chiropractor identifies the trigger points in the neck region that are misaligned. Then manual pressure is applied on the body (on the exact trigger points) in order to re-align the nerves and provide relief to strained muscles. Sometimes the chiropractor also provides a gentle thrust if the misalignment is too much. This thrust will reduce the discomfort and improve the flexibility of the muscles.

Chiropractic Muscle Stimulations:

These muscle stimulations are basically a relaxation technique for whiplash. The chiropractor identifies the dysfunctional muscles during the diagnosis process and then provides treatment in the form of muscle stimulation. With the muscle stimulation technique, the patient has to undergo gentle stretching and pressure. For a slight moment, the person might also feel excessive tension but then complete relaxation. They then feel the pain receding.

Chiropractic Therapy — Trigger Point:

Chiropractic Therapy Trigger Point

In this chiropractic therapy, the experienced chiropractor would determine the exact spinal joints that have been affected. These joints are not having complete flexibility and, instead, show abnormal movement. The chiropractor would easily help in restoring the normal functioning and movement of the affected muscles by applying pressure through the fingers on the exact point where spinal joints are located.

Chiropractic Soft Tissues Therapy:

Chiropractic Soft Tissues Therapy

During car accidents, the soft and supporting tissues of the neck and shoulder might experience an injury. With a soft tissue treatment, the chiropractor helps in restoring effective muscle functions by applying gentle thrust to the affected muscles. After applying thrust, the muscles undergo massage to relieve any kind of pain and provide relaxation and comfort.

Chiropractic Therapy For Triggering Specific Muscle Points:

In this technique, the chiropractor would focus on the joints of the muscles that are experiencing extreme pain and strain. The chiropractor would then apply pressure on some specific trigger points around the joint that will restore the motion of the supporting muscles and help in reducing pain. This technique would also be helpful in stimulating the nervous system and getting back the normal functioning of the spine.


Whiplash is common for those who are involved in car crashes. Sometimes people experience mild symptoms that, if left untreated, can turn into major pains in the neck and shoulders. Chiropractors deal with whiplash patients all the time. They’re trained to deal with whiplash in a natural, healing way, such that patients will feel better fairly quickly.