Drs. Matthew and Tiffany Thornton of Thrive Health Center are your Jacksonville, FL Neck Pain Doctors and we can help you restore mobility and motion to stiff joints which causes neck pain.

Your neck is made up of seven vertebrae, when one or more of them shifts out of alignment they can irritate or can “pinch” nerves running between resulting in inflammation and neck pain.

How does someone get a misalignment or pinched nerve? Many things can cause this, including poor posture, using a pillow that is too large or too flat for you, as well as your neck being forced beyond its normal range of motion. Whiplash, for example is a common cause of misalignments and “pinched” nerves. Whiplash occurs when your neck moves forward and back or even side to side suddenly. This often occurs from some type of fall, car accident or other trauma. During the trauma tendons and ligaments in the can neck get damaged or torn and cause you pain.

If you are someone currently dealing with neck pain then making an appointment to see if you have any misalignments is a wise idea. If the neck pain doesn’t go away after a few days, this may be a sign of a bone and nerve issue, and if you happen to have neck pain that started immediately or a few days after a car accident, definitely see the doctor. If over the counter pain medications haven’t helped you and you can’t look to the left or right without pain, it’s time for professional help. If the pain in your neck is traveling or radiating down to your wrists and hands then don’t ignore it; it needs professional attention.

The doctors at Thrive Health Center can perform a thorough exam to figure out what’s causing your neck pain and what can be done to help correct it. Naturally this will help you feel better.

Not only will we adjust your spine to correct the misalignments if that is necessary but we also help you rehab the injured tendons and ligaments in that area so you get fast and long term results not just a short term fix.

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