Back pain is considered to be one of the most debilitating ailments that people face. Almost everyone has suffered from back pain at some point in their lives. For some people, the pain can subside after a few days, making it easy, but for others, the pain can persist for weeks, months, or even years.

If you’re struggling to cope with back pain or it’s interfering with your everyday activities, perhaps it’s time to get your body looked at by a chiropractor.

Many people choose to see a chiropractor about their back pain. In fact, according to a 2019 National Institute of Health report, an estimated 27 million Americans are evaluated and treated by a chiropractor each year, mostly for back pain relief. The hallmark therapy of chiropractic care is spinal manipulation.

What is back pain?

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is one of the most common conditions people experience across the globe, and it’s the reason many workers take sick days. A recent study showed that one in six people suffer from chronic back pain every year.

If you have back pain, you’re likely to be feeling stiffness, aches, and/or tension in your back. It could be caused by simply bending down in the wrong direction, lifting something heavy, an accident, or a sports injury. Back pain can occur at any age but is most common among young and middle-aged adults.

Chiropractors Don’t Just Treat The Symptoms But The Actual Cause Of The Problem

The most important aspect of chiropractic treatment is that chiropractors focus on the root cause of the pain and not just on the symptoms. Chiropractors treat the back to eliminate pain and provide comfort to the patient. In a recent study, it was found that almost 94 – 95% of the patients with back pain who consulted chiropractors experienced a 30% reduction in their back pain within 2 weeks.

Back Pain

Assists with Chronic Pain

Generally, during the first session, a patient with chronic back pain undergoes a physical examination. The chiropractor will aim to get to the root of the problem, working out where inflammation and muscle tension may be occurring and building an effective chiropractic treatment plan.

It is this approach that causes so many to turn to a chiropractor for help with chronic pain. For those with long-term conditions, a study has shown that chiropractic care is more effective in treating pain intensity than pain clinics, which only focus on the symptoms of the pain. A chiropractor may also employ other complementary procedures such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), TENS therapy, and other techniques to complement their spinal adjustment treatment.

When Should You Visit A Chiropractor For Back Pain?

If you are concerned about your back, struggling to manage the level of pain, or it has persisted for over six weeks then it’s worth seeking the advice of a health provider. Chiropractors are highly skilled to effectively manage and treat back pain through spinal manipulation and mobilization of the surrounding muscles and joints.

Core Chiropractic Treatment

The core of chiropractic usually involves treatment of common lower back pain conditions through manual therapy:

  • Spinal manipulation and manual manipulation 
    This type of manual manipulation refers to a high-velocity, short lever arm thrust that is applied to abnormal vertebra with the goal of improving functionality, reducing nerve irritability, and restoring range of motion in the back. It is also commonly known as a “chiropractic adjustment.”
  • Mobilization- Chiropractic mobilization refers to low-velocity manipulation, movement, and stretching of the muscles and joints, with the goal of increasing the range of motion within those areas.

 Do You Think It Is Safe To See A Chiropractor For Back Pain?

Generally, yes, as long as you go to chiropractors who are properly trained and licensed. Visiting a chiropractor even when you are fit and fine is beneficial to stay strong and active.

But there are risks that you should know about… During treatment, the chiropractor applies sudden, controlled force with his or her hands or an instrument on specific points along your spine. If the source of your pain is a slipped or herniated disc, in some cases spinal manipulation can actually make things worse, especially if it’s not performed correctly. But if you are getting treated by a professional then they make sure that such things do not happen.


Chiropractic is a health care profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system. Generally, chiropractors maintain a unique focus on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures. They also incorporate many other techniques apart from spinal manipulation to treat back pain and provide relief to their patients suffering from severe back conditions.