One in four adults are affected by chronic arthritis and millions of adults deal with joint pain every year without knowing what to do about it.

According to a survey by the CDC, 15 million people reported suffering with joint pains in recent months and nearly half of them had persistent pain.

Some people choose to rely on conventional treatment and medications but many turn to chiropractic care, which is considered to be one of the best alternative drug-free treatments.

Got joint pain? What can you do?

-Apply An Ice Pack
-Take A Hot Shower
-Chiropractic Care
-Massage It Away

Here are some more details…

Apply An Ice Pack

Cold is proven to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain of joints. Did you know that applying an ice pack on the affected area is recommended for the treatment of many acute injuries?

Use an ice pack if you’re experiencing sharp pain in your joints. Doing this will ease your pain, but don’t forget to heat the area afterwards.

Take A Hot Shower

After applying an ice pack or cold to your affected joints it is highly advisable to take a hot shower.

The heat from the hot water will help relax the muscles and lubricate joints, easing pain even more.

The reason to take a hot shower right after applying an ice pack is that the cold binds blood vessels, flushes out waste, and reduces the swelling. As a result, it reduces the pain substantially.

To augment the healing process, your tissues require heat so the blood circulation improves, which, in turn, jump-starts healing.

Chiropractic Care

Apart from the above two home remedies, you should consider chiropractic treatment from the best chiropractor near you.

Chiropractors use manual adjustments to realign the bones, giving relief from joint pain. Chiropractic care treats arthritis-related pains as well as other joint pain.

Massage It Away

If you’re looking for an alternative treatment other than chiropractic care then visit a masseuse. Just like a chiropractor, a masseuse uses his or her hands to treat patients.

After your massage session, the muscles around your joints will be relaxed, giving you some relief from pain.


Joint pain can be very devastating for you. Remember, you can always visit your nearest chiropractic health center and get complete chiropractic treatment that will give you quick relief from joint pain. Need relief? Make an appointment at Thrive Health Center today by calling 904-683-9397.